Byrne and Love – Luxury Scented Australian Candles


Coconut & Mandarin

This fragrance beckons from the shores of Avalon Beach, our place, the one that we call home. The top note of mandarin is as fresh and joyous as summertime feels, when toes are sandy, and skin is sun-kissed. When the sun is high, a sea breeze blows over those paddling out into the fray, sending with it whispers and heart notes of frangipani, coconut and jasmine from the headland. Then, the dreamy aromas of vanilla and white musk surround, while the sweet waves crash, and the sun sets over warm rockpools and sandstone cliffs.

  • Soy wax blend with double cotton wick


  • Top: Mandarin
  • Heart: Coconut, Jasmine, Frangipani, Orange flower
  • Base: Vanilla, White musk

Vegan soy candles. Made in Australia.

Green Leaf & White Lily

The word ‘baile’ (“bol-yeh”) means home, and for our founder, home will always be Ireland. Our Baile fragrance is an ode to summertime there and to the fond childhood memories of rose gardens in full bloom and the smell of freshly cut grass blowing in from rolling green fields. Top notes of green leaf and young flower stems settle into a floral heart of rose and luscious white lily as springtime hyacinth intermingles with freesia, a flower with buds that smell like summertime fruits. And then, this buoyant bouquet is softened by a base of mild, earthy musk, reminiscent of those warm summer evenings spent in Ireland, when it was home.

  • Soy wax blend with double cotton wick


  • Top: Green Leaf, Flower Stems
  • Heart: Hyacinth, White Lily, Rose, Freesia
  • Base: Musk

Vegan soy candles. Made in Australia.

Clove Bud & Waterlily

This bright and beguiling fragrance rejoices in the beauty, splendour, and complexity of women. At its apex, rich and spicy clove bud dances with warm ginger root and sensual orange leaf. At its heart, femininity in all its glory is boldly celebrated through an intoxicating concoction of ylang ylang, rose blossom and lightly sweet waterlily. The inherent strength and warmth of women is embodied in the balmy base notes of black musk, earthy cedarwood and creamy vanilla. In our eyes, fellow woman and muse Frida Kahlo said it best when she remarked, ÒI am my own muse. So, this one is for women, by women, a beautiful way to come back to yourself.

  • Soy wax blend with double cotton wick


  • Top: Clove Bud, Ginger Root, Orange Leaf
  • Heart: Ylang Ylang, Rose Blossom, Water Lily
  • Base: Black Musk, Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean

Vegan soy candle. Made in Australia.


Each Byrne & Love candle is proudly locally made from only the finest ingredients and then lovingly poured and packaged on the shores of Sydney’s Avalon Beach. We use only the finest soy wax blend, lead-free cotton wicks and phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils to bring you a product of the highest quality. Each candle is housed in an exquisite gift box in beautiful pastel shades that reflect the personality of each fragrance. Every detail has been meticulously chosen to reflect our unique sensibility and to fill your space with love, memories and a little bit of magic.

600g – up to 60 hours burning time

80g – up to 15 hours burning time

Weight.5 kg

600g, 80g (travel size)


Clove Bud & Waterlily, Coconut & Mandarin, Green Leaf & White Lily

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