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Ficus lyrata – Fiddle Leaf Fig (Large)


Plant Size: Approx. 85cmH (vary in sizes)

Pot Specifications

  • Pot Size: 30cmW 35cmH
  • Grey Ceramic Pot INCLUDED
  • Also comes in a plastic landscape pot inside (with drainage holes)

Scientific name: Ficus lyrata

Common name: Fiddle-leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata is commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig. The name fiddle given to this plant comes from its kind of fiddle (violin) shaped leaves. Its attractive semi-lobed and oval shaped leaves all seem to grow in different sizes with leathery texture. The fiddle leaf fig is an exciting plant to grow with its broad bold giant leaves to decorate your home or office.

  • Place the plant outdoor or partially shade, this plant loves the sun.
  • Fertilise once or twice a month while growth is strong with an all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Water the plant daily with either filtered water or water that has been sitting in a bucket in open air for at least three days.
  • Do not over-water the plant or let it sit in water or your plant will begin to suffer.
  • Please take extra care with your living plants as they are perishable and subject to variable conditions such as weather, transportation, soil quality, watering and positioning in your home/garden.
Weight .5 kg
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